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Case 2012 (Gyo-Hi) 267

Country: Japan
Year: 2012
Court: Fukuoka High Court
Citation: Minshu Vol. 68, No. 6
Health Topics: Environmental health
Human Rights: Right to a clean environment

The governor of the Miyazaki Prefecture granted permission for a company that collects, transports, and disposes of industrial waste to establish an industrial waste treatment facility. When the company applied for permission, it submitted a document called the “Environmental Impact Survey Report,” which detailed the survey results regarding the impact of the establishment of the …Read more

Tags: Air pollution, Contamination, Environmental degradation, Environmental hazards, Garbage, Industrial waste, Pollution, Toxic waste, Waste, Waste management, Water pollution
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Case 2005 (A) 947

Country: Japan
Year: 2008
Court: Supreme Court [Saikō Saibansho]
Citation: Case No. 2005 (A) 947
Health Topics: Health systems and financing, HIV/AIDS, Medical malpractice

This case concerned whether the accused, the Director of the Biologics and Antibiotics Division of the Pharmaceutical Affairs Bureau of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, could be held criminally negligent after a patient was given unheated blood products contaminated with HIV and later died of AIDS. The victim was a hemophiliac patient at Osaka …Read more

Tags: AIDS, Blood transfusion, Duty of care, Health regulation, HIV, HIV positive, Negligence, Standard of care, Transmission
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