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Case C‐528/13

Country: France
Year: 2015
Court: European Court of Justice
Citation: Case C‐528/13 Geoffrey Léger v Ministre des Affaires sociales, de la Santé et des Droits des femmes, Établissement français du sang
Health Topics: Health care and health services, HIV/AIDS, Infectious diseases
Human Rights: Freedom from discrimination

The case concerned whether France could permanently defer men who have had sex with another man from blood donation. Mr. Léger went to a collection center to donate blood, but his blood donation was refused on the ground that he had had sexual intercourse with another man. The decision was based on a French decree …Read more

Tags: Blood transfusion, HIV/AIDS, Infectious diseases, Public safety
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Grand Justices Interpretation No. 690

Year: 2011
Court: Grand Justices Council
Citation: Judicial Yuan Interpretation No. 690 (Grand Justices Council Sept. 30, 2011) (Taiwan).
Health Topics: Hospitals, Infectious diseases, Public safety
Human Rights: Right to due process/fair trial, Right to liberty and security of person

According to Article 37 of the Communicable Disease Control Act, revised January 30, 2002, “Any person who had physical contacts with patients of contagious diseases, or suspected of being infected, shall be detained and checked by the competent authority, and if necessary, shall be ordered to move into designated places for further examinations, or to take …Read more

Tags: Custody, Detention, Infectious diseases
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