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Tomlinson v. Belize and Trinidad & Tobago

Country: Belize, Trinidad and Tobago
Year: 2013
Court: Caribbean Court of Justice
Citation: Tomlinson v. Belize and Trindad & Tobago, CCJ (2013); CCJ Application No. OA 2 of 2013
Health Topics: Sexual and reproductive health
Human Rights: Freedom from discrimination, Freedom of movement and residence

The petitioner was a homosexual man and an LGBT activist who had traveled to Belize and Trinidad and Tobago; he had never been denied entry into either state. When he learned that section 5 of the Belize Immigration Act and section 8 of the Trinidad and Tobago prohibited homosexuals, prostitutes, or any person who living …Read more

Tags: Gay, Homosexual, Immigration, LGBTI, Migrants, Queer, Sexual orientation
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