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Hamilton Health Sciences Corp. v. D.H., et al.

Country: Canada
Year: 2014
Court: Ontario Court of Justice
Citation: 2014 ONCJ 603; 2015 ONCJ 229
Health Topics: Child and adolescent health, Chronic and noncommunicable diseases, Medicines
Human Rights: Right to bodily integrity

The applicant hospital sought a declaration that J.J., an 11-year-old girl, was a child in need of protection under the Child and Family Services Act (“CFSA”). J.J. was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (“ALL”). If treated with chemotherapy, J.J.’s physicians believed that she had a 90-95% chance of being cured. The physicians were not aware …Read more

Tags: Cancer, Children, Indigenous groups, Indigenous medicine, Leukemia, Minor, Pediatric health, Traditional medicine
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Case 12/PUU-VIII/2010

Country: Indonesia
Year: 2011
Court: Constitutional Court
Health Topics: Health care and health services, Health systems and financing, Hospitals, Medicines
Human Rights: Freedom from discrimination, Right to a clean environment, Right to health, Right to housing

The Plaintiffs were nurses and heads of rural health centers in the East Kalimantan Province of Indonesia. They challenged two provisions of Law No. 36 of 2009 Concerning Health. These were Article 108(1), which allowed only certain “health workers” to prescribe and distribute medicines, and Article 190(1), which made it an offence for workers in …Read more

Tags: Access to drugs, Access to health care, Access to medicines, Access to treatment, Alternative medicine, Drug quality, Drug safety, Drug testing, Emergency care, Health care professionals, Health care workers, Health facilities, Health regulation, Pharmaceuticals, Primary care, Traditional medicine
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Chamber of Crafts to the Constitutional Court

Country: Macedonia
Year: 2010
Court: Constitutional Court
Citation: 126/2010-0-0
Health Topics: Chronic and noncommunicable diseases, Health care and health services, Health systems and financing, Infectious diseases, Medicines, Public safety
Human Rights: Freedom from discrimination, Right to health, Right to work

The Chamber of Crafts, the petitioner, challenged a provision from the Law on Public Health (the Law) regulating the conditions under which cosmeticians could exercise their craft. The law required cosmeticians to obtain a permit from the Ministry of Health, on top of existing requirements for certification as a craftsperson. The Chamber argued that these …Read more

Tags: Alternative medicine, Health regulation, Noncommunicable diseases, Safety regulation, Skin disease, Traditional medicine
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Rajesh Kumar Srivastava v. A.P. Verma and Ors

Country: India
Year: 2005
Court: High Court - Allahabad
Citation: AIR 2005 All 175; (2005) 2 UPLBEC 1813
Health Topics: Health systems and financing, Medicines
Human Rights: Freedom of expression, Freedom of religion, Right to health, Right to life

The petitioner, Rajesh Kumar Srivastava, filed the contempt petition to enforce and to monitor the orders passed by the Supreme Court in D. K. Joshi v. State of U.P., ((2000) 5 SCC 800). In that case the Supreme Court had taken notice of the appalling condition of public health in the State of U.P. and …Read more

Tags: Alternative medicine, Faith-based medicine, Traditional medicine
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Motiki v. The State

Country: Botswana
Year: 1986
Court: Court of Appeal
Citation: Criminal Appeal 51 of 1986; [1986] BWCA 22
Health Topics: Medical malpractice

The Appellant provided a woman with traditional medical treatment. This treatment involved the Appellant placing his hands on the woman’s abdomen and applying pressure. The Appellant applied enough pressure during the treatment to rupture the woman’s spleen, causing a hemorrhage that resulted in her death. The Appellant, who had practiced traditional medicine for 15 years …Read more

Tags: Health care workers, Inappropriate treatment, Negligence, Traditional medicine
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