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Charles Lukeyen Nabori, et al. v. Attorney General, et al.

Country: Kenya
Year: 2008
Court: High Court at Nairobi
Citation: Petition 466 of 2006
Health Topics: Chronic and noncommunicable diseases, Disasters and emergencies, Environmental health, Health systems and financing, Poverty
Human Rights: Freedom of movement and residence, Right to a clean environment, Right to life, Right to property

The petitioners were pastoralists and communal landowners in the Baringo District in Rift Valley Province, Kenya. The petitioners alleged that the respondents (the Attorney-General, the Minister for Environmental and Natural Resources, the National Environment Management Authority, and the County Council of Baringo) were liable for violating their rights to life (under Section 71 of the …Read more

Tags: Asthma, Budget, Contamination, Environmental degradation, Environmental hazards, Forced displacement, Herbicide, Indigenous groups, Indigent, Manmade disaster, Poisoning, Poor, Precautionary principle, Refugees, Respiratory diseases
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Case 0371-04-RA

Country: Ecuador
Year: 2006
Court: Constitutional Tribunal [Tribunal Constitucional]
Citation: Tribunal Constitucional, Caso No. 0371-04-RA, publicado en el Suplemento al Registro Oficial No. 274, 19 de mayo de 2006.
Health Topics: Environmental health, Public safety
Human Rights: Right to a clean environment, Right to water and sanitation

This case was originally brought before the First Chamber of the Contentious Administrative Tribunal by a group of organizations of the Amazon Basin in Ecuador who were challenging the fact that Colombia was fumigating with glyphosate (within their plan to eradicate coca) within a 10-km strip from the border of Colombia and Ecuador. The organizations …Read more

Tags: Air pollution, Air safety, Environmental degradation, Environmental hazards, Herbicide, Pesticide, Pollution, Water pollution, Water safety
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