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Case 0371-04-RA

Country: Ecuador
Year: 2006
Court: Constitutional Tribunal [Tribunal Constitucional]
Citation: Tribunal Constitucional, Caso No. 0371-04-RA, publicado en el Suplemento al Registro Oficial No. 274, 19 de mayo de 2006.
Health Topics: Environmental health, Public safety
Human Rights: Right to a clean environment, Right to water and sanitation

This case was originally brought before the First Chamber of the Contentious Administrative Tribunal by a group of organizations of the Amazon Basin in Ecuador who were challenging the fact that Colombia was fumigating with glyphosate (within their plan to eradicate coca) within a 10-km strip from the border of Colombia and Ecuador. The organizations …Read more

Tags: Air pollution, Air safety, Environmental degradation, Environmental hazards, Herbicide, Pesticide, Pollution, Water pollution, Water safety
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Mangesh G. Salodkar v. Monsanto Chemicals of India Ltd.

Country: India
Year: 2006
Court: High Court - Bombay
Citation: 2007 (2) BomCR 883
Health Topics: Chronic and noncommunicable diseases, Environmental health, Health information, Occupational health
Human Rights: Right to favorable working conditions, Right to health, Right to life

The Respondent, Monsanto Chemicals of India, was engaged in the formulation of herbicides in India. In accordance with the Insecticide Act, 1968, the Respondent had been granted statutory approval by the Central Insecticides Board. Mangesh G. Salodkar, the Petitioner was employed at Monsanto’s establishment at Lonavala. Soon after taking voluntary retirement, he suffered a brain …Read more

Tags: Health records, Occupational disease, Occupational hazards, Occupational health and safety, Pesticide, Respiratory diseases, Workers' compensation
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Santosh Mittal v. State of Rajasthan

Country: India
Year: 2004
Court: High Court - Rajasthan
Citation: RLW 2005 (1) Raj 486; 2005 (1) WLC 52
Health Topics: Chronic and noncommunicable diseases, Diet and nutrition, Environmental health, Health information, Public safety, Water, sanitation and hygiene
Human Rights: Freedom of expression, Right of access to information, Right to life, Right to water and sanitation

The case concerned a claim that the sale of PepsiCo and Coca-Cola carbonated beverages should be banned on the account that they are contaminated with pesticide residue and suspended impurities and are therefore harmful to human life. The petitioners relied on the report published by the Centre for Science and Environment (“CSE”), which conducted an …Read more

Tags: Awareness, Cancer, Clean water, Disclosure, Food, Food poisoning, Food safety, Freedom of information, Pesticide, Poisoning, Potable water, Safe drinking water
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Dr. Ashok v. Union of India and others

Country: India
Year: 1997
Court: Supreme Court
Citation: AIR 1997 SC 2298
Health Topics: Diet and nutrition, Environmental health
Human Rights: Right to a clean environment, Right to health, Right to life

Amongst the several chemicals used industrially, some insecticides, colour additives and food additives (the chemicals) were approved for use in India even though they were banned in “advanced countries” as they carried carcinogenic properties. These facts were mentioned in a letter sent by Dr. Ashok (the Petitioner) to the Chief Justice of India. The Court …Read more

Tags: Biohazard, Contamination, Food safety, Pesticide, Pollution
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