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Case 94-343/344 DC

Country: France
Year: 1994
Court: Conseil constitutionnel [Constitutional Council]
Citation: C. C., n°94-343/344 DC, 27 July 1994
Health Topics: Health care and health services, Sexual and reproductive health
Human Rights: Freedom from discrimination, Right to bodily integrity, Right to family life, Right to life, Rights to the benefits of culture

The Speaker of the National Assembly and sixty-eight deputies lodged a constitutional challenge in the Conseil Constitutionnel against several controversial provisions in the field of reproductive health. These were articles 8, 9, 10, 12 and 14 of law n°75-17, Loi relative au respect du corps humain et loi relative au don et à l’utilisation des …Read more

Tags: Abortion, Assisted reproductive technology, Counseling, Fertility, In utero fertilization, In vitro fertilization, Infertility, Termination of pregnancy, Therapeutic abortion
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Case 750B/1990

Country: Hungary
Year: 1991
Court: Constitutional Court
Health Topics: Aging, Child and adolescent health, Sexual and reproductive health
Human Rights: Freedom from discrimination, Right to family life

The petitioner, Dr. Zsuzsanna Gábor, challenged the constitutionality of Hungary’s law that required women to be married and under forty years of age in order to undergo artificial insemination. The law was challenged on the grounds that it discriminated based on age and marital status, which was prohibited under Article 70 of Hungary’s constitution.

Tags: Assisted reproductive technology, Child development, Family planning, Fertility, In vitro fertilization, Infertility, Older persons, Pregnancy
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