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Öneryildiz v. Turkey

Country: Turkey
Year: 2004
Court: European Court of Human Rights
Citation: Application No. 48939/99; (2005) 41 EHRR 20; [2004] ECHR 657; 18 BHRC 145, (2005); [2004] Inquest LR 108
Health Topics: Disasters and emergencies, Environmental health, Health information, Poverty, Water, sanitation and hygiene
Human Rights: Right of access to information, Right to due process/fair trial, Right to family life, Right to housing, Right to life

A household-rubbish tip, or dump, was created in the Ümraniye district of Istanbul. Illegal dwellings were constructed around the rubbish tip. A report found that the rubbish tip posed health risks and the possibility of explosion. In April 1993 there was a methane explosion which triggered a landslide. Nine of the applicants’ family members were …Read more

Tags: Awareness, Cleanliness, Cleansliness, Contamination, Environmental hazards, Forced displacement, Garbage, Indigent, Law enforcement, Low income, Manmade disaster, Pollution, Poor, Sewage, Trash, Underprivileged, Waste, Waste management
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