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Prof. Nurul Islam, et al. v. Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, et al.

Country: Bangladesh
Year: 2000
Court: Supreme Court - High Court Division
Citation: 52 DLR (2000) 413
Health Topics: Child and adolescent health, Chronic and noncommunicable diseases, Environmental health, Health systems and financing, Tobacco
Human Rights: Right to a clean environment, Right to health, Right to life

The above judgment combined two writ petitions that both dealt with the effect of tobacco advertisements on public health. The Petitioner in Writ Petition No. 1825 of 1999 was Prof. Nurul Islam, President of ADHUNIK (Aamra Dhumpan Nibaron Kori). Section 3 of the Tamakjato Shamogri Biponon Niontroner Jonno Pronito Ain, 1988 provided that all tobacco …Read more

Tags: Air pollution, Asthma, Cancer, Children, Health regulation, Lung disease, Minor, Noncommunicable diseases, Passive smoking, Pediatric health, Pollution, Pulmonary diseases, Respiratory diseases, Second-hand smoke, Smoking, Smoking cessation, Tobacco control, Tobacco regulation
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Case 152

Country: Nicaragua
Year: 1992
Court: Supreme Court of Justice
Citation: Corte Supreme de Justicia, ELECTROQUIMICA PESADA S.A. c. Ministro de Economía y Desarrollo, y otros,
Health Topics: Chronic and noncommunicable diseases, Environmental health, Occupational health, Public safety
Human Rights: Right to a clean environment, Right to favorable working conditions, Right to work

Electroquimica Pesada S.A. (the “Company”), was operating with outdated equipment and was releasing emissions of chlorine and other noxious gases into the environment that posed harm to both its employees as well as the residents of Nicaragua.  The Company was required to shut down its operations by a series of orders issued by the Minister …Read more

Tags: Air pollution, Air safety, Asthma, Environmental hazards, Lung disease, Occupational hazards, Occupational health and safety, Pollution, Pulmonary disease, Safe working conditions
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