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Strykiwsky v. Mills (in his capacity as Warden of Stony Mountain Institution)

Country: Canada
Year: 2000
Court: Federal Court - Trial Division
Citation: Court File no. T-389-00
Health Topics: Controlled substances, Health care and health services, Medicines, Prisons
Human Rights: Freedom from discrimination

The applicant was an inmate of Warkworth prison and a long time heroin addict. While an inmate, the applicant sought to overcome this addiction. The Correctional Service of Canada had a 2-phase program to address addiction cases.  Phase I provided regular doses of methadone “only to those entering federal prison… already enrolled in a community …Read more

Tags: Access to drugs, Access to medicines, Access to treatment, Addiction, Drug abuse, Drug use, Emergency care, Heroin, Imprisonment, Incarceration, Inmate, Jail, Methadone, Opioids, People who use drugs, Rehabilitation, Substance abuse
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