Lashin v. Russia

Country: Russia
Year: 2013
Court: European Court of Human Rights
Citation: Application No. 33117/02; [2013] ECHR 63
Health Topics: Informed consent, Mental health
Human Rights: Right to family life, Right to liberty and security of person

Lashin, a Russian citizen, was diagnosed with schizophrenia, given a 2nd degree disability status, and hospitalised multiple times. A hospital examination concluded that Lashin was incapable of understanding the meaning of his actions and unable to control them. Following an application by the public prosecutor, the District Court of Omsk declared Lashin legally incapacitated at …Read more

Tags: Compulsory commitment, Compulsory confinement, Involuntary commitment, Involuntary confinement Mental disorder, Mental illness, Mental institution Schizophrenia
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