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Rosemary Namubiru v. Uganda

Country: Uganda
Year: 2014
Court: High Court
Citation: HCT-00-CR-CN---0050-2014
Health Topics: Aging, Child and adolescent health, HIV/AIDS, Hospitals, Infectious diseases, Medical malpractice

Appellant Rosemary Namubiru was charged with and convicted of committing a negligent act likely to spread infection of disease, contrary to Section 171 of Uganda’s Penal Code Act. Appellant worked as a nurse at Victoria Clinic, a public hospital in Kampala. On 7 January 2013, appellant began intravenous administration of antibiotics to two-year-old Mathew Mushabe. …Read more

Tags: Aged persons, Duty of care, Elderly, Infant health; Pediatric health; Minor, Negligence; Standard of care; Health care workers; Health care professionals, Older persons, Public hospitals; HIV; HIV positive; Transmission; Hepatitis
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B (R) v. Children’s Aid Society of Metropolitan Toronto

Country: Canada
Year: 1995
Court: Supreme Court
Citation: [1995] 1 SCR 315; (1995) 122 DLR (4th) 1; [1995] 4 LRC 107
Health Topics: Child and adolescent health, Health care and health services
Human Rights: Freedom of religion, Right to liberty and security of person, Right to life

The appellant parents of a premature baby objected on religious grounds to their child being given a blood transfusion, despite medical opinion that such treatment might be necessary to save the baby’s life. The Provincial Court granted the respondent Society temporary wardship of the baby pursuant to the Child Welfare Act, and a blood transfusion …Read more

Tags: Access to treatment, Conscientious objection, Infant health, Infant health; Pediatric health; Minor
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