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Rosemary Namubiru v. Uganda

Country: Uganda
Year: 2014
Court: High Court
Citation: HCT-00-CR-CN---0050-2014
Health Topics: Aging, Child and adolescent health, HIV/AIDS, Hospitals, Infectious diseases, Medical malpractice

Appellant Rosemary Namubiru was charged with and convicted of committing a negligent act likely to spread infection of disease, contrary to Section 171 of Uganda’s Penal Code Act. Appellant worked as a nurse at Victoria Clinic, a public hospital in Kampala. On 7 January 2013, appellant began intravenous administration of antibiotics to two-year-old Mathew Mushabe. …Read more

Tags: Aged persons, Duty of care, Elderly, Infant health; Pediatric health; Minor, Negligence; Standard of care; Health care workers; Health care professionals, Older persons, Public hospitals; HIV; HIV positive; Transmission; Hepatitis
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