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Case 822 K/Pid.Sus/2010

Country: Indonesia
Year: 2011
Court: Supreme Court
Health Topics: Chronic and noncommunicable diseases, Health information, Hospitals, Infectious diseases, Informed consent, Medical malpractice
Human Rights: Freedom of association, Freedom of expression, Right to due process/fair trial

On 7 August 2008, the Defendant, Prita Mulyasari, arrived at Omni International Hospital in Tangerang with symptoms of a fever and dizziness. She was then admitted, and through a series of unfortunate events, ended up receiving unnecessary medication and incorrect lab results under the care of Dr. Hengky. Her condition significantly worsened after an incorrect …Read more

Tags: Awareness, Criminalization, Dengue, Health care professionals, Health care workers, Inappropriate treatment, Informed choice, Misdiagnosis, Negligence, Noncommunicable diseases, Patient choice, Public hospitals
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