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A.X. -v- The Mental Health Tribunal & Anr.

Country: Iceland
Year: 2014
Court: High Court of Ireland
Citation: [2014] IEHC 592
Health Topics: Hospitals, Informed consent
Human Rights: Right to health, Right to liberty and security of person

This is a case about the applicant challenging an order from Mental Health Tribunal (“the Tribunal”) that demanded her involuntary admission to St. John of God’s Hospital (“the Hospital”) for treatment of a mental disorder. On April 28th, 2014, a member of An Garda Síochána detained the applicant because there were sufficient grounds to believe …Read more

Tags: Compulsory commitment, Compulsory confinement, Compulsory examination, Compulsory testing, Compulsory treatment, Confinement, Health facilities, Involuntary commitment, Involuntary examination, Involuntary testing, Involuntary treatment, Mandatory examination, Mandatory testing, Mandatory treatment, Mental disorder, Mental institution, Non-consensual testing and treatment, Unauthorized treatment
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