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Centre for Addiction and Mental Health v. Ontario

Country: Canada
Year: 2012
Court: Ontario Court of Appeal
Citation: 2012 ONCA 342
Health Topics: Hospitals, Informed consent, Mental health, Prisons
Human Rights: Right to liberty and security of person

The Centre for Addition and Mental Health (CAMH) and the Mental Health Centre Penetanguichene (MHCP)appealed an order by the Mental Disorder Court to send a person accused of sexual assault to a hospital for psychiatric treatment. The judge knew that beds for treatment would not be available until six days later. The appeal was on …Read more

Tags: care, Compulsory commitment, Compulsory confinement, Compulsory treatment, Criminalization, Custody, Depression, Detainee, Detention, Harm reduction, Health care professionals, Health facilities, Imprisonment, Incapacity, Incompetence, Inmate, Involuntary confinement, Involuntary treatment, Jail, Mandatory commitment, Mandatory confinement, Mandatory treatment, Mental competence, Mental disability, Mental disorder, Mental illness, Mental institution, Non-consensual testing and treatment, Prison conditions, Private hospitals, Psychiatry, Psychology, Public hospitals
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