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Stamen Filipov to the Constitutional Court

Country: Macedonia
Year: 2003
Court: Constitutional Court
Citation: 6/2003-0-0
Health Topics: Health systems and financing, Public safety
Human Rights: Right to health, Right to social security

The Petitioner, Stamen Filipov, challenged several provisions of the Law on Insurance (the Law), which required owners and the users of motor vehicles, aircrafts, ships, motor powered boats and railway vehicles to conclude insurance contracts. Filipov challenged these compulsory insurance provisions on the basis that they forced parties to conclude contracts they did not agree …Read more

Tags: Health insurance, Health regulation, Safety regulation, Traffic safety
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Anand Mohan v. Union of India

Country: India
Year: 2001
Court: High Court - Allahabad
Citation: II (2002) ACC 260; 2002 (1) AWC 819
Health Topics: Public safety
Human Rights: Freedom of movement and residence, Right to health, Right to life, Right to work

The petitioner challenged as ultra vires the provision requiring motorcyclists to wear protective helmets. The law exempted Sikhs who wear turbans while riding on motorcyclists. The petitioner claimed that this provision violated Article 19(a) of the Constitution, which, inter alia, confers the right on all citizens to practice any profession or to carry on any …Read more

Tags: Traffic safety
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