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Case 2008-187

Country: Belgium
Year: 2008
Court: Constitutional Court [Court Constitutionelle]
Citation: Nos. 4408 and 4409. C. C., n°2008-187, 18 December 2008
Health Topics: Controlled substances

The Criminal Court of Dendermonde in the Flemish Region of Belgium posed two interlocutory questions to the Belgian Constitutional Court regarding the constitutionality of Article 44 of a 1991 decree of the Flemish government relating to the practice of sport in compliance with health standards  As per Article 2 of the 1921 law concerning the …Read more

Tags: Drug abuse, Drug use, Performance-enhancing drugs
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J.V. v. Flemish Government

Country: Belgium
Year: 2005
Court: Constitutional Court of Belgium [Cour constitutionnelle]
Citation: Case 2005-016F, 19 January 2005
Health Topics: Controlled substances, Health information
Human Rights: Right to privacy

J.V. filed an action in the Belgian Constitutional Court to annul article 40.6, line 2, of the Flemish Parliament’s Act of 1991 on the practice of sport with respect to health imperatives. He stated that the impugned provision that required the publication of details on a government website such as the name, date of birth …Read more

Tags: Confidentiality, Disclosure, Drug abuse, Drug use, Non-disclosure, Notification, People who use drugs, Performance-enhancing drugs, Secrecy, Substance abuse
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