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O. S. Pers. de la Construcción v. Estado Nacional – Ministerio de Salud

Country: Argentina
Year: 2014
Court: Supreme Court of Justice [Corte Suprema de Justicia de la Nación Argentina]
Citation: CSJ 44/2010(46-0) /CS1
Health Topics: Health care and health services, Health systems and financing, Hospitals, Occupational health, Public safety
Human Rights: Right to health, Right to life, Right to social security

The plaintiff, the Health Insurance of the Construction Workers [Obra Social del Personal de la Construcción – OSPECON], filed suit against the National State, Ministry of Health and Social Action and Superintendent of Health Services to liquidate and transfer the corresponding funds from the Fondo Solidario de Distribución [Solidary Distribution Fund] created in law 23.661 to …Read more

Tags: Access to health care, Budget, Health funding, Health regulation, Health spending, Social security, Unemployment
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