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Amarain Limbozzi, Ignacio et al. v. INCUCAI

Country: Argentina
Year: 2014
Court: Supreme Court of Justice [Corte Suprema de Justicia de la Nación Argentina]
Citation: A. 1261. XLVII.
Health Topics: Child and adolescent health, Health systems and financing
Human Rights: Right to health, Right to life

The plaintiffs filed a guarantee of protection of individual constitutional rights (amparo protection) against the INCUCAI [Instituto Nacional Central Único Coordinador de Ablación e Implante] that challenged the INCUCAI resolution that prohibits the autologous use of the hematopoietic stem cell originated in placental blood and umbilical cord obtained in the birth of their children. The Federal …Read more

Tags: Health regulation, Health systems and financing, Right to Effective Remedy, Right to Health, Right to Life, Stem Cells
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