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Richardson v. Redpath Brown and Co. Ltd.

Country: United Kingdom
Year: 1944
Court: House of Lords
Citation: [1944] 1 All ER 110
Health Topics: Disabilities, Health care and health services, Occupational health
Human Rights: Right to bodily integrity, Right to due process/fair trial

The employer of an injured steel erector sued its employee, seeking an injunction that would require the employee to undergo radical surgery to obtain relief from a hernia. The hernia, which arose out of and in the course of the employee’s designated work, rendered the employee incapable of performing key work functions. As per the …Read more

Tags: Compulsory examination, Compulsory treatment, Disabled, Employment, Examination, Forced examination, Forced treatment, Handicapped, Health care professionals, Involuntary examination, Involuntary treatment, Mandatory examination, Mandatory treatment, Occupational accident, Patient choice, Physically challenged, Workers' compensation
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