United Nations Millennium Declaration

UN General Assembly, United Nations Millennium Declaration, Resolution Adopted by the General Assembly , 18 September 2000, A/RES/55/2.
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Year of adoption: 2000
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5. We believe that the central challenge we face today is to ensure that
globalization becomes a positive force for all the world’s people. For while
globalization offers great opportunities, at present its benefits are very
unevenly shared, while its costs are unevenly distributed. We recognize that
developing countries and countries with economies in transition face special
difficulties in responding to this central challenge. Thus, only through broad
and sustained efforts to create a shared future, based upon our common
humanity in all its diversity, can globalization be made fully inclusive and
equitable. These efforts must include policies and measures, at the global level,
which correspond to the needs of developing countries and economies in
transition and are formulated and implemented with their effective