Convention concerning Occupational Safety and Health in Dock Work (ILO Occupational Safety and Health (Dock Work) Convention, 1979 (No. 152))

Occupational Safety and Health (Dock Work) Convention, 1979 (No. 152), Geneva, 65th ILC session (25 Jun 1979), entry into force: 05 Dec 1981.
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Year of adoption: 1979
Year of entry into force: 1981
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Article 8
Any time that a workplace has become unsafe or there is a risk of injury to health, effective measures shall be taken (by fencing, flagging or other suitable means including, where necessary, cessation of work) to protect the workers until the place has been made safe again.

Article 9
1. All places where dock work is being carried out and any approaches thereto shall be suitably and adequately lighted.
2. Any obstacle liable to be dangerous to the movement of a lifting appliance, vehicle or person shall, if it cannot be removed for practical reasons, be suitably and conspicuously marked and, where necessary, adequately lighted.

Article 10
1. All surfaces used for vehicle traffic or for the stacking of goods or materials shall be suitable for the purpose and properly maintained.
2. Where goods or materials are stacked, stowed, unstacked or unstowed, the work shall be done in a safe and orderly manner having regard to the nature of the goods or materials and their packing.

Article 11
1. Passageways of adequate width shall be left to permit the safe use of vehicles and cargo-handling appliances.
2. Separate passageways for pedestrian use shall be provided where necessary and practicable; such passageways shall be of adequate width and, as far as is practicable, separated from passageways used by vehicles.

Article 12
Suitable and adequate means for fighting fire shall be provided and kept available for use where dock work is carried out.