Celebrating Gender-Focused Advocacy with the Gender Justice Uncovered Award

Posted by Gabriel Armas-Cardona on May 19, 2015

Women’s Link Worldwide is hosting the Gender Justice Uncovered Award (Premios Género y Justicia) (link in Spanish) to recognize important legal victories and losses in the fight for gender rights and equality.

One of the candidates is the always commendable Center for Reproductive Rights for their work to combat Kenya’s law that criminalizes the transmission of HIV when the person is aware of their status. CRR submitted an amicus brief in a case challenging the law. They emphasized the negative impact this law has on human rights, especially for pregnant HIV+ women. A Kenyan high court squashed the law finding it too broad and vague and recognizing that mother-to-child transmission could not have been in the legislative intent.

Click here (link in Spanish) for more info and to vote for them, or click the top link to see all the candidates.

Gabriel Armas-Cardona is a legal officer at Lawyers Collective.