Satversme [Constitution of the Republic of Latvia], adopted and enacted 1922.
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93. The right to life of everyone shall be protected by law.

94. Everyone has the right to liberty and security of person. No one may be deprived of or have their liberty restricted, otherwise than in accordance with law.

95. The State shall protect human honour and dignity. Torture or other cruel or degrading treatment of human beings is prohibited. No one shall be subjected to inhuman or degrading punishment.

96. Everyone has the right to inviolability of his or her private life, home and correspondence.

106. Everyone has the right to freely choose their employment and workplace according to their abilities and qualifications. Forced labour is prohibited. Participation in the relief of disasters and their effects, and work pursuant to a court order shall not be deemed forced labour.

109. Everyone has the right to social security in old age, for work disability, for unemployment and in other cases as provided by law.

111. The State shall protect human health and guarantee a basic level of medical assistance for everyone.

112. Everyone has the right to education. The State shall ensure that everyone may acquire primary and secondary education without charge. Primary education shall be compulsory.

114. Persons belonging to ethnic minorities have the right to preserve and develop their language and their ethnic and cultural identity.

115. The State shall protect the right of everyone to live in a benevolent environment by providing information about environmental conditions and by promoting the preservation and improvement of the environment.