El Salvador

Constitución Política de la República de El Salvador [Constitution of the Republic of El Salvador], adopted and enacted 1983, amended 2003.
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Year of adoption: 1983
Year of entry into force: 1983
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Every person has the right to life, physical and moral integrity, liberty, security, work, property and possession, and to be protected in the conservation and defense of the same. (Art. 2)

All persons are equal before the law. For the enjoyment of civil rights, no restrictions shall be established that are based on differences of nationality, race, sex or religion. (Art. 3)

Every child has the right to live in familial and environmental conditions that permit his integral development, for which he shall have the protection of the State. The law shall determine the duties of the State and shall create institutions for the protection of maternity and infancy. (Art. 34)

The State shall protect the physical, mental and moral health of minors, and shall guarantee their right to education and assistance. (Art. 35)

Unhealthy or dangerous work is prohibited for persons under eighteen years of age and women. Night work is also prohibited for persons under eighteen years old. The law shall define (determinar) dangerous and unhealthful work (Art. 38.10)

The health of the inhabitants of the Republic constitutes a public good. The State and the persons are obligated to see to its conservation and restoration. The State shall determine the national health policy and shall control and supervise its application. (Art. 65)

The State shall give free assistance to the sick who lack resources, and to the inhabitants in general when the treatment constitutes an effective means of preventing the dissemination of a communicable disease. In this case, every person is obligated to submit themselves to such treatment. (Art. 66)

The public health services shall be essentially technical. Sanitary (sanitarias), hospital, paramedic and hospital administration careers shall be established. (Art. 67)

The State shall be equipped with the necessary and indispensable resources for permanent control of the quality of chemical, pharmaceutical and veterinary products through surveillance organisms. Likewise the State shall control the quality of food products and the environmental conditions that may affect health and well-being. (Art. 69)