Constitution of the Azerbaijan Republic (Azərbaycan Respublikasının Konstitusiya
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Article 17. Family, Children, and the State
I. Family, as a basic element of society, is under the special protection of the State.
II. Parents must take care of their children and their education. The state implements this responsibility.
III. Children who do not have parents or guardians and are deprived of parental care are under the protection of the State.
IV. It is prohibited to involve children in activities that may cause threat to their lives, health, and morality.
V. Children under the age of 15 may not be employed for work.
VI. The State supervises the implementation of rights of a child.

Article 25. Right of Equality
I. All people are equal with respect to the law and court.
II. Men and women have equal rights and liberties.
III. The State guarantees equality of rights and liberties of everyone, irrespective of race, nationality, religion, language, gender, origin, property status, occupation, beliefs, affiliation with political parties, trade unions or other public associations. It is prohibited to limit human and civil rights and liberties.

Article 26. Protection of rights and liberties of a person and citizen
I. Everyone has the right to protect his/her rights and liberties using means and methods not prohibited by law.

Article 27. Right for life
I. Everyone has the right for life.

Article 32. Right of Personal Immunity

II. Everyone has the right to keep secret private or family life. It is prohibited to interfere with private or family life, except in cases established by law. Everyone has the right of protection from unlawful interference in his or her private and family life.

III. It is not allowed to obtain, keep, use and disseminate information about a person’s private life without his or her consent…

Article 35. Right to work

VI. Everyone has the right to work in safe and healthy conditions, to get remuneration for his/her work without any discrimination, not less than minimum wages rate established by the state.

Article 38. Right for social protection
I. Everyone has the right for social protection.

Article 39. Right of Living in Healthy Environment
I. Everyone has the right to live in a healthy environment.

Article 41. Right for protection of health
I. Everyone has the right for protection of his/her health and for medical care.

Article 42. Right for education
I. Every citizen has the right for education.